Patience, please ! 

The first thought you get when you hear the word 'patience' ? "Patience sucks !" Right ? Well, the feeling is mutual. Or. It was mutual. All I knew about patience was that it is a virtue. But why is it a virtue ? I really didn't know. Patience according to me was like something... Continue Reading →


Alignment of Dreams

When I first joined college, just like others, I was brimming with desires to fulfill and many goals to achieve. I never thought about how to achieve them or why do I want to fulfill it. Never did I even brainstorm within me about it. Everyday, I used to do things with full energy thinking... Continue Reading →

Your Biggest Enemy – Comfort Zone

Often, we go through quotes which gives us the zest to do something different or something strange which we normally wouldn't do. But getting to do something which is a bit difficult or putting in some extra efforts in our normal routine itself looks to be so much of work. But there's a science to... Continue Reading →

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