Mann Ki Bhadaas

Hello hello hello! People: What happened!? Somebody just put up a blog after a long sabbatical! Oh my God! Me: Was it a sabbatical? Hell no! People: What were you doing all this time? Me: Was mentally preparing myself to see these Bollywood marriage photos and feel happy, emotional and pointless at the same time.... Continue Reading →


Food + Travel = Life

All the people put there who can eat any type of cuisines and who have their hobby set as 'Foodie', y'all are lucky ūüėõ One dish everybody loves to eat and is ready for it anytime anywhere? Not Maggie always. Come on! Idli also has a fair chance here! A white soft thing being dipped... Continue Reading →

Up Above the World so High!

"Oh damn! I forgot to pack this!" Isn't this something we all utter when we reach the station or the airport? We all want to be our very own famed Ranbir Kapoor from 'Ilahi' of 'Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani' when it comes to travelling. People who say solo travelling is fun, I agree it is... Continue Reading →

Hey there, Restlessness

Who isn't restless? A baby gets restless when it's favourite toy is not given. A college student gets restless thinking about assignments and examinations. And working people have their own work stress because of deliverables. People get restless to do something successful in life and theyre unable to sit idle. But the numbers of such... Continue Reading →

Not Taking for Granted. Okay?

How familiar are you with this? Everybody will have this time in their life, when they‚Äôll be taken for granted and you must've been also. Oh, and you also take things for granted in daily. Deny? Don't deny, we all do. We realise this but still, we don't make any efforts about it. Why? Stuck... Continue Reading →

Backbone of Mumbai – Local Trains

One of my blogs was about Comfort Zone and how coming out of it will make achieve goals, right? Mumbaikars are known workaholics. Needles to say, many of us travel a lot to reach our destinations. Talking of that, we'd do "Ubering" or take an OLA or to some extent the 'kaali-peelis', buses and rickshaws.... Continue Reading →

Hey Ego! What’s up?

Something which gives you a superior feeling, makes you look like a weird person but still you wouldn't get that out of you? No, it is not asking other people's marks. It is Ego   Ego, oh boy. How familiar are we with it? It's just like beards. Doesn't go unless you try removing it.... Continue Reading →

The Era of Jealousy 

  Ah Jealousy. Isn't that a common occurrence? We deal with it in some form or other. And it's not good when it comes up. It might be jealousy when someone from your same field succeeds or when someone close to you gets close to someone else or when someone whom you dislike gets all... Continue Reading →

Oh Friendship ! Where are you ?

True Friendship.¬†What is friendship ? Why is it so important ? And above all, do people take it seriously ? In this dynamic era of social media, the chances to reach and connect with people across the world has multiplied in a huge way. At the click of a button, many things happen. As the... Continue Reading →

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