Food + Travel = Life

All the people put there who can eat any type of cuisines and who have their hobby set as ‘Foodie’, y’all are lucky 😛

One dish everybody loves to eat and is ready for it anytime anywhere?

Not Maggie always. Come on!

Idli also has a fair chance here!

A white soft thing being dipped in a bowl of sambar or chutney and then eating it.

Ah! Sounds “decilicious” right?

Every other restaurant has people licking their fingers after eating Idli Sambar.

South Indian cuisine is one cuisine which has become an universally loved cuisine. Although it has multiple sub cuisines, every type is equally loved like other cuisines.

Traditional cultures throughout the world went to great lengths to maximise the nutritional value of ingredients they had.

One food which is high on nutrients is Idli.

Idlis are steamed, naturally leavened cakes made from a fermented mixture of ground rice and beans. They’re mild, savoury and fluffy. Idli has its roots in Southern Indian cuisine more than 1,000 years ago.

Due to combination of rice and beans, they contain a fair amount of high quality complete protein. They’re also very economical!

And the thing with Idli is that it is good for your health.

Having a bad stomach?

Idli to the rescue.

Want to have good metabolism?

Idli to the rescue.

South Indian cuisine as a whole is huge. It has a lot sub types and starting to discuss about that is going to take a lifetime.

Karnataka has a different cuisine. Andhra has a different one and Kerala and Tamil Nadu have a different cuisine as well.

One place where you can enjoy best Karnatak food is in this restaurant called ‘Malgudi Tiffin Centre’. It’s a must go place if you’re in the Bangalore airport.

Andhra is very famous for their ‘Biryanis’.

Kerala is famous for their ‘Puttu

But considering them as a whole, it will be one of the best types of food you could ever get your hands on.

And not to forget, the North Indian cuisines, Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisines.

Just like we have icing on the cake, in North India we have buttering on the ‘Kulcha Paratha.

Maharashtrian food. ‘Misal Pav‘ is an absolute delight to eat. Also, ‘Vada Pav is an amazing substitute for breakfast.

The ‘dhoklas‘, ‘jalebis‘ and ‘fafdas are the best snacks you could eat in the Gujarati cuisine.

A quick question : When do we eat the most ?

Answer : When we’re travelling somewhere.

Food takes us to a lot of unknown places to discover. And that’s how I reached to a place in the light of tasty food I had.

We all must’ve heard about the Maharaja Express. It is genuinely a lifetime experience. One of the luxurious train travels in the world which gives us insights about the history of India.

My experience in that train was golden and I can never forget the fun I had while travelling. Right from the room to the food we had and the places we visited and the travel. Everything was so good and smoothly executed that it makes the travel a must go for everyone.

And I feel this is one of the excellent ways tourism can manifold.

India is the world’s 7th largest tourism economy in terms of its total contribution to the country’s GDP.

The amount of places we have in india to visit is more than the craze people have for ‘Padmaavat‘ 😛

Tourism in India is so good and so important as it gives us an opportunity to express whatever we have in our country and it can fuel the growth of our great nation.

According to me, food and travel are related : In search of new types of food, we discover new places. When we go to a new place, we get to know a new cuisine.

Amazing places to visit and amazing food to eat.

Isn’t that all we want?


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