Up Above the World so High!

“Oh damn! I forgot to pack this!”

Isn’t this something we all utter when we reach the station or the airport?

We all want to be our very own famed Ranbir Kapoor from ‘Ilahi‘ of ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani‘ when it comes to travelling.

People who say solo travelling is fun, I agree it is fun. But it’s fun only after you reach your destination.

My experiences in solo travelling has been productively boring.

It is doubly irritating when you have no work to do at the airport except for strolling around and go to stores to check out stuff and then you read the price and go like “Whaattt?”

Seriously, shops at the airports are just like Rolex watches.

Only brand power, time is the same in Rolex watch as well as in a 200 rupee watch.

Similar to the airport shops, same fabric used in a shirt, same food available outside but it’s costlier here because ‘Airport’. Name has got some swag, right?

One thing I’ve realised is that every person at the airport has a stressed face. One has to attend meetings. One has to return to hostel. One has to play National games.

People who are returning home are all smiles but little they knew they’d have to return pretty soon.

For those who travel daily for some or the other work, boss, y’all should dance and promote “Hum toh Udd Gaye”

We all have gone through articles highlighting the amazing parts of travelling in a flight.

I still find it theoretical when someone says “Travel is amazing” because we all have countered travel related problems.

Let’s go through some of them now, shall we?

1.Those Annoying flight delays

“This flight is delayed by 1 hour-3 hours due to air traffic congestion”

This is one of the most annoying texts you could ever get.

It’s more irritating for them who reach the airport pretty early and book the window seat because ‘Badal bohot important hai’ (Clouds are very important).

What do we do?

We sit and stare at poll passing by and make a weird face when a baby cries.

What can we do?

Get some books to read. A diary to write down your thoughts. A sketchbook to sketch something.

2.A long crumpled checkin queue

You’ll be standing with your luggage and the person behind you will poke you with his/her trolley and the person ahead wouldn’t move and you’re under existential crisis.

There would be some who’d just peep into your ticket to see where you’re going.

Some who are so engrossed in their face that the line would’ve gone much ahead but they’d be busy clicking selfies and adjusting their hair.

For me, photobombing those selfies gives me some thrill xD

That’s because, it’s the only way I can make them realise that the queue has moved forward and it’s high time you move too.

3.The urgency of passengers to deplane quickly

If you’re sitting in the window seat, y’all are somewhat safe but those who sit in the aisle, I understand your plight!

You have to get up for your co-passenger as he/she would want to deplane asap and eventually you’d have to stand there as well. No space to move back to your seat you’re in the line of fast moving people.

This has happened to me so many times, I feel that these people should sit on the wings and once we land, get off and run away to the baggage area.

What are you in a hurry for?

Your baggies wouldn’t run away from you. Flight doesn’t get dismantled after it lands. Lots of buses are available to take you to the terminal. Calm down.

But hey! I didn’t let my travel experiences just go away like that!

Fasten your seatbelts as we’re taking off to see the types of people we come across in a flight!

  • One who sleeps as soon as he settles down

So many of them board, fasten their seat belts and sleep away to glory. It’s some kind of a talent tho.

They literally have this “Mujhe sone do” (let me sleep) face that you look at them and be like “Hey man! Sleep sleep”

One grumpy person who stares at every one

There would always be this one person who would stare at every person passing by thinking they are going to do something wrong or weird.

Staring into your phone to see what you’re doing, staring into your pant pockets to see what you’re removing and what not.

They’ll stare at you so badly that you’ll start checking your shirt or pant like “aye kuch dikh raha Hai Kya?” (Is something visible or what? ) xD

One person who’d show off everything he/she has

iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, multiple android phones and what not.

If they’re getting it for work perspective, that’ll be justified.

They’ll do nothing. Just click selfies and post it all on Instagram or Facebook to get good amount of likes because why not? Getting 300+ likes is the next big thing right?

It’s just like you spend 400 crores on a movie but still collect lesser than the amount you spent because no content only star power and we want content.

People who talk about Stock Market and Politics.

“Sir yeh theek nahi chal raha” (Sir, this is not going properly)

“If It happened this way, things would’ve been better”

“Meri baat sunn lete” (They should’ve listened to me)

They seem to be the people who are going to take everything in their hand and work it all out.

But we all have our best friend with us when we travel, don’t we?


Let of this happen, I have my Nucleya and KSHMR and all.

Apart from solo travelling, one of the most amazing times of travel comes when you travel with your loved ones.

What is better than travelling with your mother, father or anyone whom you know and just talk the whole time with no phone disturbances?

We all have stored our lives in our mobile phones which is the biggest barrier for human interaction. We are so busy in uploading Instagram and Snapchat stories that we don’t wish to greet the person first.

“Aye wait. Let me click a photo of yours first and add the location here so that people can know where we’re hanging out. Cool no?”

People. Stories are only visible for 24 hours. Time spent talking stay for a lifetime.

Isn’t that all we want? An heart to heart talk for sometime?

But the bottom line is, how much ever problems we have with flight travels, we still do this all over again. And again. People there to hold your hand when there’s a turbulence. Elderly people comforting a young boy/girl who’s travelling for the first time, a kid getting happy after he finds tasty food in-flight, mothers smiling after they see their baby smiling, I’ve seen it all.

Less annoyance, less flight delays and more cooperative passengers : It’s something we desire for but still we’re attuned to this type of flying. Aren’t we?


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