Hey there, Restlessness

Who isn’t restless?

A baby gets restless when it’s favourite toy is not given. A college student gets restless thinking about assignments and examinations. And working people have their own work stress because of deliverables.

People get restless to do something successful in life and theyre unable to sit idle. But the numbers of such people are less. We don’t want that, do we? We want everyone to be successful.

I’m not talking about the restlessness we get when we’re hungry or when we don’t get good sleep. I’m talking about the restlessness we get when there are multiple ideas in our brain. We’ve to get them out and make it work.

Dreams. It is not what you see in sleep, it is the thing which doesn’t let you sleepDr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Let me give you an example. One of the biggest and greatest business tycoons of our country : Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani.

From being a person working at a petrol pump to becoming Asia’s top 50 business tycoons, his journey has been truly inspiring and a sheer show of restlessness.

He optimised his restlessness. He never let his restlessness go away just like that.

People often tend to not use this restlessness for their benefit.

One more thing is his ever willingness to stay out of his comfort zone.

Isn’t that important? How will you achieve something sitting in your comfort zone?

Let’s take this example as a relation to comfort zone.

A planet revolves in an orbit. And it doesn’t get out of that orbit. It goes round and round in that same orbit.

You’re that planet and the orbit is your comfort zone.

You do something you haven’t done in your comfort, you form a new orbit and that becomes your comfort zone. Your restlessness to do something productive will make you set new orbits time and again. And it goes on and on.

Let’s also talk about one more thing which is somewhat similar to you being restless.

Undergoing stress

We all get restless when we undergo stress. It’s fair enough.

But how about getting some work done and minimising stress?

What we tend to do in stress is to sit and crib about it for quite sometime and then get some work done. In that cribbing part, we miss a lot of valuable time.

Let’s take a glass of water and hold it. What happens?

We hold it for 5-10 mins, doesn’t make a difference.

We hold it for an hour or two, our hand pains big time.

We hold it for a very long time, our hand becomes numb.

And when you keep it down, your hand becomes normal after sometime.

This is somewhat similar to our interaction with stress.

We hold it for such a long time that our life becomes numb and we don’t wish to leave it then.

Instead, if we could work towards it, results may be different.

I’m not saying forget everything and enjoy life, just that if you could organise somethings, your work would get done like a bullet train.

My point here is : Don’t be restless about your stress or your worries or what YOU DON’T WANT. Be restless about your work, your passion, your goals and what YOU WANT. You’ll get what you desired.

So shall we use our restlessness to reach greater heights?


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