Not Taking for Granted. Okay?

How familiar are you with this?

Everybody will have this time in their life, when they’ll be taken for granted and you must’ve been also.

Oh, and you also take things for granted in daily. Deny? Don’t deny, we all do. We realise this but still, we don’t make any efforts about it.

Why? Stuck up with studies, work and many more. Above all, a bit of laziness within you.

Or maybe you must’ve assumed they’d just hang around forever.

The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for it

The problem arises when you take people or things for granted. There is no other way to make up for the neglect after they’ve pushed off.

There’ll be many who’d take you for granted – Don’t allow them.

And if you’re taking everything for granted, take this as your wake-up call.

When you take someone or something for granted, it is like you own them. And once people walk off, you say that “You have changed”. The mistake is in your side.

It is important to be grateful every day for the amazing things happening in your life

Let me share my views related to this:

1. We always crack this joke that “There’ll always be on extraordinary person in the ground who’d do all the work”. Yes, it is funny. But ultimately you are taking that person for granted. Make full use of that person and once your work gets over, forget that person. What the opposite person feels, nobody understands.

There was this person in my class who was a potential first bencher and was termed as a nerd. He used to be contacted only during examinations. He happily helped everyone out of kindness. He never realised anything.

But ultimately, the other students took him for granted. What would’ve they done if he told them a no?

“Too much attitude he has”. That’s what they’d say.

Where are we going with this?

I feel, each person has some value in your life, don’t let the person go away with your taken-for-granted attitude.

1. Where are humans mostly taken for granted? Friendships!

Oh boy, the amount of times we’ve taken our friends for granted are higher than the dance covers done on ‘Jimikki Kamal‘.

There’s a thin line here.

In the process of taking “liberty”, you by mistake take them for granted.

“Hey, he/she will do the work for me”

“He/she can wait”

They’re not your robots, right? Show them some gratitude, appreciation and kindness. What if one day they just walk off? Is it easy finding friends? If it was easy then our friends list would be in millions.

2. What is the last time have you valued any object?

We all keep our shoes clean, watches intact and other personal belongings very organised in the beginning. The rough use comes later and then we throw it away. We’re pretty sure, that we can buy a new one and the cycle is going to repeat.

There are some people who can’t have what you have. You should feel lucky about whatever you have and start showing it some respect.

Always respect whatever you have and you’ll get the perfect results you want from it. 

There are somethings we take for granted daily:

Choices : We get to pursue the career of our dreams and do things according to your choice. However, it is not given to everyone.

Health : We don’t appreciate good health until we feel lousy. When we feel better we take our health for granted and do things which are not good for us.

Trust : You share everything with someone they trust you too but you may do some things which may not go good for you both. Do you realise how special that trust is?

Basic Necessities : We have three meals a day, bed to sleep in and the roof over our head. The same to some is luxury.

I always believe in the statement that “We should appreciate what you have before it becomes what you had”

We complain about not having enough while we lose sight of what we have. It can be because we get restless when things become too monotonous or we hunt for something new.

Life goes haywire when we take stuff for granted. And of course after that we react in panic. Just imagine how you would react, if things walked off your life?

Why to wait for that to happen? If you’d care a lot now (than in an unwanted scenario of you losing them), find the time to show appreciation for same, when in your possession.

People say that You don’t know what you got until it’s gone.

The truth is You totally knew what you had, it’s just that you never thought of losing it.

As this year is coming to an end, let’s take a resolution : We’ll not take anything and anyone for granted and will treat everything and everyone with equal amount of respect and love.

Cheers to the New Year People!


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