Oh Friendship ! Where are you ?

True Friendship. What is friendship ? Why is it so important ? And above all, do people take it seriously ?

In this dynamic era of social media, the chances to reach and connect with people across the world has multiplied in a huge way. At the click of a button, many things happen. As the number of friends and followers increased, no one ever thought how much much of it is “real” ? They don’t even know what friendship actually means.

For many millennia,friendship has been extolled as a key to personal fulfilment. Many works of western literature celebrate friendship. Achilles and Patroclus, David and Jonathan and Daman and Pythias are a few of the literacy depictions of true friendship.
Let’s come to the present. What is friendship now ?

Many have the fear that a hyper individualistic, highly mobile society has undermined the capacity for true friendship. Thanks to social media, it has made friendship more superficial.

A piece of reality

When you meet someone and gel along really well, they will find you very amazing and just give you all their time. And then when we all move on in life, we meet new people, yes. But only a few will still be the same towards their friends. Most of them change. Most of them will find their amazement in someone else. Most of them will slowly go from best friends to strangers.
Yes, I know this site is about positivity but this is nothing negative. I’m just putting some hard facts in front of you. Why is it that true friendship is declining nowadays ? Can the reason be social media ? Well, maybe.

Let me tell you my special bond with “friendship

I have a lot of friends. I’m very talkative as a person. I thought I built a real bond with them. I was always in the thought that it was complete. But when I experienced life, I realised that there are only a few of them who take friendship seriously. Generally, many people see friendship as a to-the-point oriented thing. When you’re in school, you have a set of friends. When you’re in college, you drop the school ones and be with your college friends. After that it is professional friends and it goes on. That’s how people look at friendship. I’m not able to look at it that way. I’m not malcontent, but I take it as a learning experience.

I’m not obsessed with making friends but the moment I formed a friendship, I always had the feeling that it was for good and in every way absolute. I have found some good friends here and there, but even for them, as situations change, their needs and their focus towards friendship changes.

It is not like some heart-breaking moment but surely it is disappointing. People can only form relationships according to their needs, beyond that, NOTHING. A relation just for the sake of the bonding, that is not there in most of the people. They just form a relation when they need it and when they don’t, they break it.

Some people who take friendships seriously are considered as some old school person. Or, fools! I don’t mind being called one because I wouldn’t take things for granted. Even today, if I meet any old friend of mine, I talk to them in the same way I was with them earlier. But they don’t. They probably move on with life.

Whenever I travel, I meet all kinds of people. I don’t connect to them on social media, I don’t keep their phone numbers but I endeavour to ensure that they remember those few minutes as a good experience.

As I said, I guess my idea of friendship is too old school or something. Maybe it was foolish or not to social savvy.

However I assert that in terms of life, I feel my ability to bond with anything or anyone has in many ways been the road which has lead me to the dimensions of life.
So the bottom line is

Friendship for me is not a give and take relation or some profitable transaction. Friendship is a certain extension of life


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  1. Understand we need to be birds of the same flock dear Abhinav and finally after say ain of 10yrs to the extant of your life’s end you realise who is your true friend,one month or just a couple of yrs don’t show you a true friend seriously our astrological sign is very bad in believing friends or even finding down to earth people ,anyway a good write keep it up


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