Patience, please ! 

The first thought you get when you hear the word ‘patience’ ?
“Patience sucks !”

Right ?

Well, the feeling is mutual. Or. It was mutual.

All I knew about patience was that it is a virtue. But why is it a virtue ? I really didn’t know.

Patience according to me was like something boring. I thought I would miss out on all the fun. I would miss out on something I desired. All this because I was taught that “Life is a race”. So I became a cheetah in the race and would grab all the career choices and see through windows of opportunity for fear that I would miss out on. But according to the story, it is the tortoise that wins the race, because the tortoise is persistent and confident. We have been brought up in an era that has been about Go get it, embrace it and then throw it away. I never realised the value and meaning of patience.

Basically there are two types of people. Patient and Impatient.

Patient people. I salute them.

Impatient people. I’ll tell you the perks of being patient.

I firmly believe that “A patient man/woman can conquer the world”. For an impatient person, all he/she wants is that things should happen fast. If things happen rapidly, then how can you enjoy life ? How will you go through the process ? The problems faced during the process, how will you experience that ? Life is no fun if that’s the case. A patient person is always calm, composed and ready to go through all the problems. They’ll be ready to wait for the problem to get solved. How much ever time it may take, they’ll wait.

I understand, being patient is not an easy task. But being patient takes practice. It is about having resilience to stand your guns, face your fears and constantly let go of inner expectations and importantly have faith that it will all happen just as you wanted. Now I’m not saying being patient will do it all for you. There are 3P’s in life. Patience. Perseverance. Push. There has got to be patience and perseverance. And this patience would stand good to tell you the right time to push.

Now for an impatient person, frustration would weary upon him/her. For example, when I started playing Tabla, in three weeks, all my batch mates could play some tunes properly and here I was trying to get my hand movements straight. It was just that I wanted to master it quickly. Practically, no one becomes a maestro in just a month. If that’s the case, everyone would be something great now. Anyway, in all this my tabla guru demonstrated true patience to me. I kept on playing with all wrong tunes. But as a sportsman, I know that repetitive practice is the key to better at a skill.
Slowly I got hold of the proper tabla skills and now I’m abreast to play some good tunes.

In all this, I discovered patience. It is not something easy and light. It is something which needs too much of calmness and the guts to take the problems by its horns and have faith that things will happen despacito 😛

The exercise of patience has dismissed my fears of inadequacy. Learning to control and utilise the energy of both fear and enthusiasm and also not to run away but to accept it and distil it into a strong force, which drives me forward in life, towards my goals.

Seeds sown today has a waiting time to grow but when it grows, it is a sturdy tree.


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