Alignment of Dreams

When I first joined college, just like others, I was brimming with desires to fulfill and many goals to achieve. I never thought about how to achieve them or why do I want to fulfill it. Never did I even brainstorm within me about it. Everyday, I used to do things with full energy thinking that I’m working towards my dream. But was the energy channelised towards my dream ? A big NO. The reason behind it was, I never thought about how to move forward, how to plan everything and most importantly, never aligned my dreams.

Just like others, I got frustrated. On the road to success, there are going to be hurdles and opposition. Looking at the problems he/she faces, they create fear, disappointment and discouragement that yells at them saying ‘Give up! You cannot come over this’. Unfortunately, that is what people do and one more dream is down. But some people go through that with sheer determination. After achieving it all they say is “I thought the feeling would be much better”.

Both of these problems can be eradicated with one simple process, Alignment. Alignment of dreams with passion. Ask yourself questions. Why do you want to achieve it ? How do you want to achieve it ? And why only in that particular way ? Every goal needs a passion for it. It is pretty much assured that there is going to be a way to achieve the goals you yearn. I’m not saying that you’ll not be stressing yourself out. But the stress is never felt because passion reduces the stress. You can enjoy the process of a developed and balanced life. Sounds enticing right ? Here is how it works :-

1. Abandon Comparing 

A quote which I firmly believe in is ‘Comparison is the death of joy’.
For a start, stop comparing yourself with anyone. The almighty has made everyone unique. All of us have some equity in us which is dormant. It is just about how you showcase it to the whole world. If you’re doing something, just focus on it and do not give attention to evil doers. Do not feel bad or get jealous of those who get ahead of you and succeed even thought they have a wicked life. That is totally unproductive and a waste of your valuable time. Remember, you will become what you aspire to be. Above all that, you will become what you focus on.

2. Never “Opinionate”

Opinionating about someone and judging someone, it is quite difficult to differentiate between them. But here it goes : Ordinary people discuss other people, average people discuss events and intelligent people discuss ideas. What do you get from opining about someone ? For some, it is mental satisfaction and a sense of superiority which is nothing but completely misplaced. Also don’t start opining on people based on majority opining. If that is the case, START QUESTIONING YOURSELF.

3. Obligate and Rest 

Commit yourself towards something. Do that with full energy and confidence. Commit towards your plan, your goal and strategy which leads to the gratification of your dreams. The question is, how can you be so sure about it ? Nothing happens in today’s world with it assurance right ? So yes, the fact is that your desire is now the universe’s purpose. The whole universe will help you in achieving your goal. Your desires will be accomplished and nothing can stop that. When I say ‘rest’, I’m not telling you to stop your flow in achieving success. You should continue whatever you’re doing as nothing happens on its own. Just don’t panic over hurdles and don’t indulge in negative thinking. Things will happen by the course of time.

4. Feel your Anger and Control it

There’s a quote which says ” He who conquers his anger has conquered an enemy”. Anger is a sign of frustration. “Anger is madness”. Why do we get angry ? Are you conscious when you get angry ? Ever thought about these ? We get angry when something doesn’t go our way. But we fail to understand that getting angry will not solve the problem. It just ruins your health and fills in more negativity in you. Instead, find out solutions. I know in pressure situations nothing comes to your mind but this is the time where you can challenge yourself to get the best of solutions. Remember this, anger leads to evil doing, leads to things which are not correct for you. Just be conscious that you’re angry and try controlling it.

Well, this is it. This is how it unfolds for everyone. All you need in this world is, planning how to achieve your goals. All your goals should be passion driven. Never get dejected if something doesn’t go your way. Whatever you do, may it be the smallest of things, do it with full passion and positivity, you are nearing to achieve your goal. Don’t compare yourself with anyone, never give opinions about anyone, commit yourself to something and work towards it and control your anger. Importantly, align your dreams. How you want to achieve it and why you want to achieve it in that particular way. Get your answers straight and notice the change.

Hope to see everyone’s dreams getting full filled. Cheers ! 


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